Telling Chinese stories, developing Chinese culture The Beginning Summer of the 24 Solar Terms

When summer begins, the daytime gets longer.

The beginning summer is the first solar term of summer.

It marks the end of spring and the start of summer.

Since then the wind has got warmer and the day has got longer,witheverythingbeing flourished.

The customs of the beginning summer

Eggs of the beginning of summer

The day before summer starts, many people are busy cooking "start of summer eggs", usually with ground tea leaves or walnut shells, and they watch the shells slowly turn red, filling the house with fragrance. Besides eating the eggs, there is another way to play eggs. The boiled eggs are then woven with coloured thread into an egg sleeve, and the children clatter their eggs with each other, which is the most fun and exciting part of the day.



Summer solstice meal

On the day of beginning summer, according to the traditional Chinese custom, various kinds of rice are eaten in different ways. The main ingredient of the rice is the most ordinary rice, but it is transformed into different colors by the addition of various seasonal ingredients.

The poster pictures are selected from the beautiful landscape photography of the campus, allowing everyone to experience the beauty of the twenty-four solar terms on campus while learning about the customs of solar terms. The copyright of the images is owned by the Publicity Department of Tongji.

Literal reference:

Text : Xiao Zhang

Pictures: Yi Yang

Translation:Adina Alimu


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