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  1. I hold the Tongji Campus ID card, but why I cannot get access to the library?
    If you are the International Non-degree Program Students, please ask the International Students Office (Tel: 021-65986049, Mr Ye) to provide your personal information to library. Then the General Information Desk will give your campus ID card the permission to reading books.
    If you are the degree program students or faculty, it maybe is the case that your personal information data in the library system is not updated with the Campus ID Card Center, so you have to wait or telephone the library system department by 021-65982732.
  2. Why I cannot borrow books with my Campus ID Card?
    Your card needs to be activated before borrowing books. If you are the International Non-degree Program Students, you need the guarantee of the International Students Office.
  3. Where can I find English or German books?
    For science and technology books, you can go to the Foreign Books Open-stack Area of the third floor in the SiPing library. The social science books are collected at the sixth floor reading room. The German books are stored in the JiaDing branch library. For e-resources, you can access them at the library website.
  4. Who can help me when I have questions in using the library?
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the General information Desk for inquiry and instruction, or by call, by email, by chat.
  5. What should I do if an item I need is unavailable in our library?
    You can apply for an interlibrary borrowing or document delivery service in this situation. More information about this service is available. 
  6. I have lost some valuables in the Library. Who should I contact?
    Please contact Security Office at the entrance of the first floor hall as soon as possible.
  7. Can I borrow a book just returned?
    No, you have to wait the book back to shelf; even it is the book you just returned.
  8. The status is “on shelf”. But I still cannot find it.
    Sometimes other students are reading the books you need. Therefore, check it later. If it is still not there, you can go to the General information Desk in the first floor hall to get help.
  9. What happens if I lose a book?
    If you have lost books which you have borrowed from the Library’s collections, the loss must be reported as soon as possible to the staff at the General information Desk in the first floor hall. For further details of the replacement procedure, please see Loss and Damage policy.
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