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  • All faculties, staffs and students of Tongji University are eligible for this service.You can log in the Online Public Access Catalogue System to submit your request.
  • Purchase Suggestion Rules:
    1. Please provide the ISBN of the book you suggest to ensure an efficient purchasing procedure.
    2. Please remember to select the language options: "Chinese" or "Foreign Language".
    3. The purchase requests need to meet the collection requirements for University Libraries, such as academic and research books, yearbooks and reference books, etc.
    4. We do not recommend the following types of purchase requests:
      • Entertaining Fiction
      • Test Preparation Books
      • Student's Books with Answers, Examination Papers
      • Children's Books, Teen & Young Adult Books
      • Comics, Graphic Novels
      • Celebrity Biographies
      • Entertainment, Home, Parenting, and Regimen Books
    5. The Library reserves the final right of interpretation of the above rules.
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