Connect from on and off-campus

Wi-Fi services

Library users with valid accounts may connect to the campus network and the Internet through the wireless network in the Library.

  • WiFi SSID1: tongji.portal
    The account is the same as that you use to access the Tongji University Information Portal. The teachers’ accounts can access to the internet while the students’ accounts can only access the campus intranet and the electronic resources ordered by our libraries.
  • Wifi SSID2: tongji.student.portal
    You must have a China Telecom account of Tongji University to access to the internet.

Off-Campus Access(Support phone or tablet access)

Most of the library electronic resources are accessible remotely by Tongji University students, faculty, staff via the Virtual Private Network System(VPN). Library users with valid user accounts may access from off campus a variety of Library subscribed resources including e-journals, databases, e-books and e-learning materials etc.


Please contact the Network Information Service at 65989006 if you have any problem with your account.

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