Telling Chinese stories, developing Chinese culture The Grain Rain of the 24 Solar Terms

Grain Rain is the last glimpse of spring.

"Rains brings up the growth of hundreds of grains.

During the Grain Rain, the sun is warm and the rainfall increases.

The soil is also rich, and it is the time when all the grains are growing.

Customs of the Grain Rain

Grain Rain Tea

In the south, there is the custom of picking tea on the day of Grain Rain, and this kind of tea is known as spring tea or midspring tea. Legend has it that tea on this day will help to clear fire, ward off evil spirits and brighten the eyes. So no matter what the weather is on this day, people will go to the tea mountains to pick some new tea back to make water to drink.

Enjoying Peonies

Peonies have been known as the "grain rain flower" and "rich flower" for thousands of years. The period around the Grain Rain is an important time for the peonies to bloom.

Biting the spring

Before and after the Grain Rain, toon is mellow and refreshing with high nutritional value, so it is said that "Toon is as tender as silk before the rain". People say that picking and eating toon in spring is like "biting spring". Fresh toon buds are rich in protein, carotene and a large amount of vitamin C. Its leaves, buds, roots, skin and fruits can be used as medicine, with a variety of effects such as strengthening the stomach and Qi, stopping diarrhoea and moistening the skin.

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Literal reference:

Text : Xiao Zhang

Pictures: Yi Yang

Translation:Adina Alimu


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