【Telling Chinese Stories, Spreading Chinese Culture】 Clear and bright, one of the 24 Solar Terms

Clear and bright, the solar term between mid-spring and late spring, derives its name from the clear and bright atmosphere that unveils the natural beauty of the world.

During this period, peach blossoms start to bloom, vegetation awakens, and all living things are refreshed.

Customs of Clear and bright

  • Outing

During Clear and bright, a time in the burgeoning spring, it has long been a tradition to go hiking and bask in the exquisite beauty of nature. This practice, known as “Taqing” or “Spring Outing”, was also called “Tanchun” or “Xunchun” back in ancient times.

  • Tomb Sweeping

Clear and bright is a time for people to pay homage to their ancestors and express their filial piety and nostalgia. This tradition embodies the deep reverence we hold for our ancestors and underscores the importance of cherishing our cultural heritage."

The picture in the poster is selected from wonderful photography of the beautiful campus scenery, so that you can feel the beauty of the 24 solar terms on campus and understand related customs at the same time. The copyright of the image is owned by the University Publicity Department.

Text reference:

Text: Yang Yi

Photography:Li Rong

Poster: Yang Yi

Translated by: Long Yiyuan


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