【Telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese cultures】The Twenty-four Solar Terms--Awakening of Insects

Awakening of Insects, the third solar term in spring,

the beginning of the second month of spring.

At this season, spring thunder rumbles, rainfall increases,

everything is full of life.


·Eating Pears

During Awakening of Insects, the weather can get warm and then turn cold suddenly. It’s very dry and people can easily be thirsty. So people keep the custom of eating juicy pears when Awakening of Insects comes.

·Covering the drum with leather

The loud spring thunder is an important symbol of Awakening of Insects. The ancient people thought that the rumbling thunder came from the sky. It was the Squire of the Thunder who was beating the drum on the day of Awakening of Insects. Therefore, people also choose this day to finish the important part of making a drum--covering the drum with leather.


text: Yang Yi

poster: Yang Yi

translation: Gu Yi


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