[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] The Rains of the 24 Solar Terms

The Rains

Is the second of the 24 solar terms.

At this time, the temperature rises and precipitation increases.

During The Rains, the weather is fluctuant between cold and warm.

In northern China, it is not yet spring-like,

While in most places in the south, spring is in the air.


Customs of The Rains

  • Returning to the parental house

When The Rains comes, daughters who have married will bring gifts to their parents' house. With jars of meat sealed with red paper and red string, and two cane chairs winded with red ribbons, women who have given birth to children will also return to their parental house to thank their parents for their upbringing.

  • Kowtow to find an adopted father or mother

The Rains is a very imaginative and humane solar term in western Sichuan folklore. At dawn, there are young women with their young son or daughter waiting for someone to pass in front of them on the foggy road. Then they will stop the first pedestrian, press their children to the ground and ask them to kowtow as his or her adopted son or daughter, in order to pray for the healthy growth of their children. Of course, this custom is generally retained only in rural areas now.

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Text reference:

Text: Yang Yi, Hu Xiyue

Poster: Yang Yi

Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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