[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] Beginning of Spring of the 24 Solar Terms

Beginning of Spring, the first of the twenty-four solar terms

Is also known as Beginning of Spring Festival, New Year's Day, etc.

Li()”denotes beginning or start in Chinese,

And spring represents warmth and growth.

As the beginning of rebirth and rejuvenation of everything,

Beginning of Spring means a new start.

Customs of Beginning of Spring

  • Biting spring

On the day of Beginning of Spring, Chinese people are accustomed to eating ginger, spring onion and pancakes, called "biting spring". However, different customs in different places have different performances. In the south, eating spring rolls is popular. Carrot is another food for people to “bite” during Beginning of Spring, for its spicy taste takes the ancient meaning that "bite off the grass root, then you can do everything".

  • Putting up spring paintings and calligraphy

When spring arrives, it is customary to put up spring paintings and calligraphy on the door wall. This custom has existed since the Tang Dynasty. It is recorded that on the day of Beginning of Spring, people in Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty used to post paintings and calligraphy on their doors to welcome the spring and wish them good luck. The calligraphy was called "spring calligraphy" and the pictures were called "spring paintings", whose content included "welcoming spring", "pleasant spring", "bright spring", "spring flowers", etc.


  • Hanging the spring tassels

Hanging the spring tassels is a traditional custom that has been handed down in the Chengcheng area of Shaanxi Province. Every year, on the day of Beginning of Spring, women use various colors of cloth to weave cloth tassels, or use colored thread to wrap into various forms of "ears of wheat". These tassels or ears are then hung on the body of children, young people or livestock, such as donkeys, horses, cattle in order to bless better crops and plentiful harvest in the coming year.

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Text reference:

Text: Li Xinhong

Poster: Yang Yi

Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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