[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] Heavy Snow of the 24 Solar Terms

Heavy Snow, the third solar term of winter,

marks the official start of the mid-winter.

The area where cold and warm air meet will see heavy snow or even blizzard.

The minimum temperature in most parts of China will drop to 0℃ or below.

Heavy Snow is also a good time to “take nourishing food”.

There is a saying goes, "take nourishing food in winter, and you can even fight a tiger at the beginning of spring".

Custom of Heavy Snow

Light snow seals the land, while heavy snow seals the river." In the north, there is a natural landscape of "ice blockading for hundreds miles and snow flying through thousands miles", and in the south, there is also a charming picture where "the snowflakes swirl around and the world turns white." With the arrival of Heavy Snow, the ice in the river is frozen, so people can enjoy skating and playing on it.

Text reference:

Text: Long Yiyuan

Photography: Yang Yi

Poster: Yang Yi

Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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