[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] Light Snow of the 24 Solar Terms

On the 15th day after Start of Winter, it is Light Snow.

"Snow" is the product of cold weather.

During Light Snow, it was not that cold and the precipitation is not that heavy.

Therefore, " Light Snow" is used to describe the climatic characteristics of this seasonal period.

It is the season of high frequency of cold wave and strong cold air activity.

The arrival of Light Snow means that it is getting colder and the precipitation is increasing.


Customs of Light Snow

Curing meat

It is a folk custom during Light Snow to "use salt to dry and cure meat, and store it to get through the cold winter". The temperature drops sharply and it becomes dryer during Light Snow, which is a good time to process bacon. Some farmers begin to make sausages, bacon, and reserve the excess meat with traditional methods so that they can enjoy delicious food during the Spring Festival.

Having glutinous rice cake

In some areas of south China, people have glutinous rice cake in the early 10th lunar month, which is around Light Snow. It is made by pounding cooked glutinous rice into paste. In ancient times, glutinous rice cake was a traditional festival offering to the bull god used by peasants in southern areas.

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Text: Yang Yi Long Yiyuan
Photography: Yang Yi
Poster: Yang Yi
Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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