[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] Start of Winter of the 24 Solar Terms

With the cold wind, white frost, fallen maple leaves, the world gradually becomes empty.

On November 7, the nineteenth solar term as well as and the first solar term of winter - Start of Winter arrives.

As autumn turns to winter, we feel the rotation of seasons and welcome the arrival of the first snow.

In folklore, people are used to regarding Start of Winter as the beginning of winter.

In the last season of the year, the earth tends to be quiet, and animals hibernate to avoid the wind and cold while storing energy for the next year’s boom.

立冬 英语

Customs of Start of Winter

Nourish the winter

After Start of Winter, this year’s winter will officially arrive and everything will tend to be static. Although there is no hibernation for human beings, it is a folk custom to “nourish the winter” during Start of Winter. In order to protect themselves from the winter cold and replenish their vitality, people often eat high-calorie food such as chicken, duck and fish.

Winter Swimming

On the day of Start of Winter, many winter swimming enthusiasts in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Shangqiu, Henan Province, Wuhan, Hubei Province and other parts of the country welcome the coming of winter by winter swimming. Whether in the north or the south, winter swimming is one of people’s favorite ways to exercise in winter.

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Text reference:

Text: Wu Jing Yang Yi
Poster: Yang Yi
Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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