[Tell China Stories, Spread Chinese Culture] Frost's Descent of the 24 Solar Terms

As the last solar term in autumn,

Frost’s Descent means that winter is coming.

The weather becomes much colder than before and frost begins to appear.

Health care is particularly important during this time.

There is a saying goes, “Even nourishing all year is not as good as nourishing the human body on the day of Frost’s Descent.”

In the early frost season,

The temperature in the south fluctuates greatly,

While the north takes on a scene of “cold wind and fallen leaves” in early winter.

Customs of Frost’s Descent

Eating persimmons

Eating persimmons helps to resist the cold and protect bones. In the countryside, people believe that their lips will crack if they don’t eat persimmons during this period. There’s also a saying goes among the elder in Quanzhou, “Eat persimmon. No running noses.”

Eating beef and duck

As the saying goes, “When the frost comes, duck tonifies the fire and beef and radish are served together”. Eating beef during Frost’s Descent can replenish energy and symbolize a prayer for a warm and strong body in winter. People in Southern Fujian and Taiwan eat tonics on this day, so duck in Southern Fujian is hot-selling during Frost’s Descent.

Enjoy maple leaves

The maple leaves turn red after Cold Dew. In autumn, the air in forests and mountains is fresh, so climbing up high and enjoying the red leaves is relaxing and refreshing. It is a good regimen because you can not only breathe fresh air but also exercise your body.

霜降 英语

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Text reference:

Text: Ye Zi
Poster: Yang Yi
Translated by: Hu Qiuyu


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