Library use policy

ReturnsLoss and DamageBehavior in the Library
  • Admission
    1. The Tongji Library requires a valid Campus ID Card or Reader's Card for admittance. The Reader’s Card holder may not borrow books.
  • Borrowing
    1. The Tongji Library lends different numbers of books to different categories of reader:
      ·Undergraduate students, staff, retired Tongji faculty and staff 20 books;
      ·Graduate students, Faculty, University Officers 30 books;
      ·All other library users 5 books.
    2. To meet the need of studying and researching further, with no overdue record or illegal violation within one year, you can apply for an increase in the number of books you borrow to 40 
    3. You can borrow books by using self-service machines at the first floor hall of each campus library, or you can also take them with your valid Campus ID Card to the appropriate circulation desk, and the staff will check them out to you.
    4. Loan periods are 30 days for all categories of readers.
    5. If the total overdue days reach 100 days, you will not be permitted to borrow books for 30 days. If it is more than 200 days, you will not be permitted to borrow books for 60 days, and so on. Readers can replace the stop-borrowing procedure by means of voluntary services, which means that readers should recommend book lists or write book reviews in a unified format.
    6. You may submit the delivery request that delivers books from a library in another part of the campus to a nearby library. You may go to the General information Desk in any library for assistance. You may also submit the request online by the library OPAC system. Please note the right email address or telephone number is required.You are allowed a maximum of 5 books at one time.The book will be delivered to the designated library within 7 working days. After you receive the notifying email or telephone, please pick up your books within 7 days at the General information Desk in the designated library, or it will be look as giving up your request.
  • Renewals
    1. As long as no other reader reserves the books, you can renew it two times. You may take them with your valid Campus ID Card to the appropriate circulation desk, and the staff will renew them for you. You may also renew them online by using My Library option of the library OPAC system.
    2. Renewal periods are 15 days.
    3. You can renew the books on any day that is 10 days before the expiration. The renewal periods are started from the borrowing end date.
    4. You cannot renew the book that has been reserved by another reader.
  • Reserves
    1. If you want to borrow the book that someone else has checked out, you may reserve it.
    2. You can reserve and reach the book at any campus library.
    3. You can only reserve 2 books for one time. You will be notified once the book is returned.
    4. Reserve requests can be given in person at the circulation desk in the library or online by using My Library option of the library OPAC system.
    5. The returned book will be reserved for you to pick up for 7 days. The 7 days is calculated from the day on which the notice is sent, except holidays.
    6. The validity period of reserve requests is 45 days. If the reserve request is met with no response during the validity period, the reserve request will be as failure.
  • Returns
    1. You can return books on any campus library .
    2. During the closed hours of the Library, you can put books into the returning box at the circulation desk.
  • Loss and Damage
    1. Any defect or damage to library materials should be reported to the library staff when it is noticed and the books concerned should not be checked out. You shall be held responsible for any loss or damage of the library materials while in their charge and shall be liable to compensate.
  • Behavior in the Library
    1. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the library.
    2. Keep tidy. No smoking, no spitting, no littering, no dining and no snacking.
    3. You are requested to take good care of the materials and facilities of the library. The materials and facilities must not be hidden, mutilated, defaced or stolen.
    4. You should return the books on time and quicken the circulating process.
    5. Please act with good manners, pay attention to your appearance and be neatly dressed in the library.
    6. You must present your Campus ID Card for inspection if requested by a member of the Library staff in the course of their duties.
    7. Please don’t lend out your Campus ID Card or Reader’s Card to other people.
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