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Shenghua Fei School of architecture and urban planning,
School of marxism,
Institute of aerospace and mechanics,
School of physical science and engineering,
School of chemical science and engineering 65982745
Qiannan Li Institute of mechanical and energy engineering,
School of electronic and information engineering,
School of life science and technology,
School of medicine,
Stomatology school 65982745
Songmei Pang Sports teaching department,
Women's college,
Favorite college,
Institute of Chinese and western,
Software college,
School of arts and communication 65982745
Xinyi Shi School of materials science and engineering,
School of transportation engineering,
Railway and urban rail transit engineering research institute,
School of environment and sustainable development,
United Nations environment programme,
The Finn center 65982745
Ningfen Wu School of environmental science and engineering,
School of Marine and earth sciences,
School of surveying and mapping and geographic information,
Professional technology education college,
Sino-german college 65982745
Jing Xu School of civil engineering,
College of humanities,
School of foreign languages,
School of design and creativity,
International college of cultural exchange 65982745
Feng Yang Law school,
School of political and international relations,
School of mathematical sciences,
Shanghai international intellectual property institute,
Innovation and entrepreneurship college,
Institute of biomedical engineering and nanoscience 65982745
Gengping Zhang School of economics and management,
Institute of car,
Middle school of engineering and management,
Zhongde school of engineering,
New rural development institute 65982745
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