Tea talk series: history TV Drama and history

Posted by Tongji University Library on June 15th, 2017

The new tea talk was held in 26th May, 2017. PH.D candidate Mr. Fang Chudao and Mr. Shen Heng chaired this talk.

Firstly, Mr. Fang introduced the history TV drama “Da Qin Di Guo(Qin Empire)” and the original novel on this TV drama. Meanwhile, he also compared “Shi Ji(the Historical Records)”with the historical truth at that time and believed that whatever history TV drama “Da Qin Di Guo” or “Shi Ji”, were full of Chinese classical philosophy. On the other hand, he also compared the methods to manage the country by Confucianism and Legalism. Finally, Mr. Fang also pointed out that many thoughts in Confucianism had the familiar aspects with the Western Democratic System. The audiences joined warmly discussion.

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