Beauty exists in the details of design

Posted by Tongji University Library on June 15th, 2017

Mr. Wang Wei was invited to give the lecture on design in Wen Xue Tang in 9th, May, 2017. He was the famous interior designer, Tongji alumnus, and curator on design.

Firstly, Mr. Wang introduced fifteen aspects on design including furniture design, artwork design, and smell design and so on. He demonstrated the details on interior design from different perspectives. Moreover, he explained the design ideas and styles existing in their works by the famous designers such as Zhu Xiaojie, Hou Zhengguang and Wang Yang and the like. When he discussed the history of residence interior design, he played emphases on the styles and representative figures in the different periods. These impressed on the audiences. Finally, he shared many experiments and stories of his designing cases and discussed with the audiences.

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