Poem and life

Posted by Tongji University Library on June 15th, 2017

The lecture titled poem and life was held successfully in Jiading Campus of Tongji in 14th May, 2017. This lecture was given by Professor Li Bo, who came from Nanjing Normal University. This lecture was organized jointly by Tongji Propaganda Department, Tongji Wen Xue Tang and Tongji Party Working Committee in Jiading Campus.

Firstly, Prof. Li put forward one important point that the function of poems was to keep balance between people and society, oneself and others. During this lecture, Prof. Li talk about many stories about Chinese famous ancient poets such as Liu Zongyuan, Wang Anshi and Su Shi and so on. He analyzed that these poets had positive attitude when they were in hard time by reading their poems. He played emphasis on that although Su Shi had experienced a lot of hard work and a near escape, he still insisted on his will and kept his optimistic attitude to life. He left many valuable literary heritages. Finally, Prof. Li stressed that only feelings, thoughts and belief can support us to go on in a long life.

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