Tea talk series: Vegetarian Diet and Life

Posted by Tongji University Library on June 08th, 2017

We just have the duty to manage the earth instead of damage or plunder it. We should leave the more beautiful and safe earth to our Ma Chuo, who is the founder of the “Vegetarian·China”

With the development of society, the pollution becomes more and more serious. The tension between natural and human beings built up to a high climax. Protecting earth and to be Vegetarian become increasingly the global recognition. In Chinese traditional culture, to be a Vegetarian is related with the health and self-improvement. Now, more and more people are Vegetarians and live in a healthy life. Moreover, they also take over responsibility to care animals and protect earth.

Place: Wen Xue Tang, 10th floor, South, library building

Time: 18:30~20:30, 8th June, 2017

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