110-year History: A Lighthouse for All of us--The Opening Ceremony of Tongji University History Photo Exhibition was Held

Posted by Tongji University Library on May 24th, 2017

On the morning of May 16, 2017,the opening ceremony of Tongji University history photo exhibition was successfully held on the first floor of Library in Jiading Campus. This photo exhibition was co-organized by the Gallery of Tongji University History, Tongji University Library, Archives of Tongji University and the Museum of Tongji University. Jinming Ma, the deputy secretary of the party committee and Bo Jiang, the vice-president of Tongji University attended the ceremony and unveiled for it. The head of relevant departments of the school and the representative students and teachers attended the ceremony. Mr. Bo Jiang made a speech on behalf of Tongji University. The host of this ceremony was Jinhua Shen, the secretary of the library party secretary and director of Archives.

In the speech, Jiang said that this was his first time to hold such a grand ceremony of Tongji history exhibition in Jiading campus out ofthe Gallery of Tongji University History. It was a concrete embodiment of fully implement the direction,named (Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities in the New Situation ), a concrete embodiment of strengthening morality and practicing the socialist core value, a concrete embodiment of the spirit and concept of education and the culture of Tongji. This was an extremely perfect opportunity for our teachers and students to learn the history of Tongji university.

Jiang emphasized that the history was the best teacher for a university or a country. The photos in the exhibition showed the development and achievement of Tongji during the past 110 years. Looking back, the spirit of Tongji could be summed up as “Helping each other” and “Self-improvement”. Adhering to this spirit, Tongji has made great contributions to our country in many aspects, such as national revitalization, national progress, science and culture, personnel training, social and economic development during different historical periods. This exhibition plays an important role in shaping the cultural spirit and educating people, trying the best to form a full participation, a whole process, an all-round education of the cooperative education mechanism. This exhibition is an important practice to build a rich connotation, distinctive, university culture which adapts to the ever-developing world.

Qianwen Li, a senior student, the student representative from College of Electronic and Information Engineering School expressed the important role of learning history for their own development and encouraged people to actively visit the school history exhibition. By reviewing the development history of Tongji University, students can make a better understanding of the spirit of “We should help each other and make self-improvement.” and it also can excite the feeling of loving school and patriotism.

After the ceremony, Ma and Jiang visited the exhibition in great interest with student representatives. This exhibition contained eight parts,which depends on the facts of history, showing the history of Tongji university according to the timelines in the forms of words and pictures.

The exhibition is held on the first floor of Library in Jiading Campus from May 16 to September 30.Welcome teachers and students of Tongji to visit the exhibition.

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