"Guest to China, Love in Jiading Campus"——Chinese Traditional Culture Experiencing Activity of Calligraphy and Fan Painting was successfully held

Posted by Tongji University Library on May 24th, 2017

"Guest to China,Love in Jiading Campus" is a series of activities served for foreign students to experience Chinese traditional culture. This time, Calligraphy and Fan Painting experiencing activity was successfully held on May 4th in 1424 Meeting room on the 14th floor in the library of Tongji, Jiading Campus. This activity was held by the library of Tongji University in Jiading Campus, together with Dianmoxuan Calligraphy Club and Biyong Hanfu Clothing Club.

At the beginning, the host Ning Xiangyu from Dianmoxuan Calligraphy Club told us the long history of Chinese traditional calligraphy and fan painting fluently. With the in-depth speech of Ning, flowing calligraphy creations and colorful painting fans opened foreign students' eyes and all of them were eager to have a try. After knowing about the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture, foreign students expressed a keen interest in calligraphy and fan painting. With the guidance of students from calligraphy and Hanfu clothing clubs, they picked up writing brushes and attempted to create.

Foreign students learned how to write down a few easy Chinese characters and draw some characteristic patterns step by step under other students' patient help. Through practicing, they gradually grasped the gist and made obvious progress both in calligraphy posture and character orders. In the experience session, all of them created their own works and signed on rice paper and fans. Besides, they played a Chinese traditional protocol and banquet game--pitch-pot happily in a lively atmosphere. In the faint scent of pen and ink, cheers and laughter, this event came to an end.

Through the explanation of the club members and hands-on experience, foreign students had a better understanding of some Chinese elements such as calligraphy and fan painting, and gained more interests towards the profound Chinese traditional culture. Also, students from all over the world came together to exchange ideas, enhancing friendship and promoting cultural intercourse.

The library of Tongji University in Jiading Campus is devoted to multicultural communication. In the near future, it will continue to organize more colorful cultural activities, so stay tuned!

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